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Our History of Pastors

1966-1971         Rev. Edwin A. Juraschek

1971-1978          Rev. Thomas Collins

1978-1988         Rev. Emmet Carolan

1988-1995         Rev. David A. Connell

1996-2008       Rev. John M. Mokothakat

2008-2018       Rev. James M. Kotara

2018-2021         Rev. Tomy Thomas

2021-2023        Rev. Michael P. English

2023-Present    Rev.  Edward J. Gonzales 

About Us

On Sunday, September 20, 1964, the pastors of St. Peter's Prince of the Apostles Catholic Church and St. Pius X Catholic Church announced to their parishioners the official establishment of a new parish in the Northeast Urban Deanery: St. Thomas More Catholic Church.


The following is the official decree of Archbishop Robert E. Lucey on the founding of St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

Dei Et Apostolicae Sedis Gratia


Sancti Antonii


To all who read this document, our greetings and our episcopal blessing:


Among the principal duties of our pastoral office is that of providing sufficient pastors for the faithful committed to our care and an adequate number of churches wherein the faithful may participate in the sacred liturgy.


Wherefore having consulted the pastors of the parishes that will be affected, having heard the opinion of our Archdiocesan Consultors and having published the proposed boundaries in the aforesaid parishes, we have decided to erect a new parish in this our archdiocese. A copy of the boundaries of this new parish has been placed in the book of the official boundaries of the archdiocese and another copy is attached to this decree.


The parish will be "amovibilis" according to Canon 454, paragraph 3. It will consist of the faithful in the territory described, the property and the buildings will be located on the 4500 block of Moana Street, San Antonio, Texas, and will be sustained by voluntary offerings of the faithful which are to be received and disbursed according to the Sacred Canons of the Code, the archdiocesan regulations and legitimate custom.


The rights and obligations of the pastor will be the same as those of other pastors in this archdiocese.


Wherefore after due consideration and having complied with the prescriptions of the Code of Canon Law, we hereby decree the erection of this new parish effective September 15, the Feast of the Seven Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother, in the year 1964 and place it under the patronage and title of St. Thomas More. We hereby grant it to all the rights and priveledges to which as a parish it is entitled.


Given in San Antonio, Texas, this 4th day of September, 1964.


The Most Reverend Robert E. Lucey, S.T.D.

Archbishop of San Antonio

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